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BOLOGNA C829 - Deckenleuchte


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Ferroluce Home Interior Lighting

Experience Dual-Lighting Magic with the Ferroluce Bologna C829 Ceiling Light

Experience the magic of dual-lighting with the Ferroluce Bologna C829 Ceiling Light. This innovative ceiling light, boasting simple yet elegant lines, uniquely diffuses light both downwards and upwards, creating a captivating light effect. Its rough, coarse finishes make it an ideal choice for contemporary furnishings.

The Ferroluce Bologna C829 Ceiling Light also offers handmade decorations for those seeking to infuse a touch of classic charm into their environments. Whether it's casting a warm glow in a modern living room or adding an aesthetic touch to a more traditionally furnished space, this ceiling light serves as a distinctive focal point.

The harmonious interplay of its dual-lighting mechanism and rough finishes create a visually appealing narrative that enhances its unique allure. Experience the fusion of contemporary design and superior illumination with the Ferroluce C829 Ceiling Light As it bathes your space in warm, soft light, this ceiling light promises to bring a touch of sophisticated charm that’s uniquely its own.


Durchmesser: 40 cm

Technische Daten:

1 x max 75W E27
Material: Keramik

Established in 1982, Ferroluce infuses antique values and timeless elegance into each of its Italian-crafted lamps. Renowned for their unique designs and chromatic alchemy, Ferroluce delivers bespoke lighting solutions that break away from the monotony of mass-produced products. Each lamp embodies the heart of Italian craftsmanship, showcasing the harmony of shape and color. With a dedication to personalized style, Ferroluce's offerings cater to discerning customers seeking more than just classic lighting. Experience the unique atmosphere of style and elegance that Ferroluce lamps bring to your home. Delve into the fascinating stories behind these pieces, and appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Discover Ferroluce - where tradition meets innovation in lighting design.

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BOLOGNA C829 - Deckenleuchte