OAK & CORTEN STEEL - Piekaramā Lampa


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Izmērs: S (92 cm)

  • S (92 cm)
  • M (122 cm)
  • L (182 cm)

LED Temperatūra: Silti Balts (2700K)

  • Silti Balts (2700K)
  • Auksti Balts (4000K)

lead time 3-4 weeks

lead time 3-4 weeks

lead time 3-4 weeks

lead time 3-4 weeks

lead time 3-4 weeks

lead time 3-4 weeks

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We plant a tree for each order


S Modelis (92 cm):

  • Garums: 92 cm
  • Augstums: 7 cm
  • Platums: 7 cm
  • Svars: 2.5 kg

M Modelis (122 cm):

  • Garums: 122 cm
  • Augstums: 8 cm
  • Platums: 8 cm
  • Svars: 4 kg

L Modelis (182 cm):

  • Garums: 182 cm
  • Augstums: 8 cm
  • Platums: 8 cm
  • Svars: 6 kg


  • Standarta vads: Melns, 2m
  • Citi vadi: Tumši pelēks, balts - 3 m / 5 m (bez papildus maksas)
  • Dimmējams: Jā
  • LED gaismas temperatūra: Silti balts 2700K / Auksti balts 4000K
  • Spožums: 2100lm
  • Spriegums: 120-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Vati: 25W
  • Leņķis: 120 grādi

    While one might not necessarily think of architecture and lighting as a compatible pair, GANT lights masterfully merges the two. GANT lights was established in Berlin, Germany, in 2012 and have continuously handcrafted luminaries which playfully mix experimental forms and materials such as concrete and gold, resulting in stunning aesthetic lighting solutions. See our collection of Gant lights which are as timeless as they are elegant.

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    OAK & CORTEN STEEL - Piekaramā Lampa

    S (92 cm) / Silti Balts (2700K)
    S (92 cm) / Silti Balts (2700K)