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Arm Chairs and Lounge chairs

Sink into Sophistication with our Arm and Lounge Chairs

Welcome to a world where style meets comfort, and design embraces functionality. Our handpicked arm and lounge chairs collection serves as a cornerstone in creating inviting and personalized spaces. Contemporary or classic, avant-garde or minimalist - our range showcases a diverse palette of designs to echo your personal taste.

Be it a plush armchair that becomes your favorite reading spot, or a lounge chair that creates an oasis of calm in a bustling living room, our collection is all about enriching your everyday experience. Each piece is a testament to the art of relaxation, becoming more than just a chair, but a space of solace, conversation, and design in your home.


    LEAN - Lounge Chair


    The Lean Lounge Chair by Woud: The Zenith of Minimalistic Comfort Introducing the Lean Lounge Chair by Woud, where the art of minimalism meets unparalleled comfort. This lounge chair, with...

    MEADOW - Lounge Chair

    €2.430,00 €4.330,00

    The WOUD Meadow Lounge Chair: A Union of Form and Comfort The WOUD Meadow Lounge Chair is an embodiment of organic aesthetics meeting unmatched comfort. Its amiable, curvaceous form is...

    NAKKI - Lounge Chair

    €2.275,00 €6.395,00

    The WOUD Nakki Lounge Chair: A Radiant Fusion of Comfort and Modish Design Exuding a lively charm, the WOUD Nakki Lounge Chair serves as a spirited centerpiece for any setting....

    NAKKI - Armchair

    €2.300,00 €6.310,00

    The WOUD Nakki Armchair: A Jubilant Mix of Comfort and Contemporary Aesthetics Embodying a vibrant spirit, the WOUD Nakki Armchair stands out as an effervescent addition to any interior space....


    €1.999,00 €2.999,00

    Umage's A Conversation Piece™ Tall: Elegance Elevated Steeped in sophistication, the A Conversation Piece™ Tall by Umage is a harmonious blend of design and comfort. This lounge chair stands as...


    €1.599,00 €2.499,00

    Umage's A Conversation Piece Lounge Chair: Redefining Comfort & Sustainability Dive into the embrace of the A Conversation Piece low, a lounge chair by Umage crafted for those who cherish...

    THE READER - Wing Chair

    €1.899,00 €2.899,00

    Umage's The Reader Wing Chair: A Sanctuary of Solitude & Sophistication Embrace tranquility with The Reader wing chair by Umage. Crafted with precision and passion, The Reader is more than...

    BRUTUS - Lounge Chair


    The 101 Copenhagen Brutus Lounge Chair: A Brutalist Masterpiece in Contemporary Design Presenting the Brutus Lounge Chair by 101 Copenhagen, a manifestation of the raw and audacious Brutalist architectural movement...

    BRUTUS - Chair


    The 101 Copenhagen Brutus Dining Chair: Brutalist Inspiration Meets Contemporary Comfort 101 Copenhagen presents the Brutus Dining Chair, a reflection of the powerful Brutalist architectural movement from the mid-20th century....

    FOKU - Lounge Chair


    The 101 Copenhagen Foku Lounge Chair: Harmonizing Tradition with Contemporary Design In the heart of every 101 Copenhagen design lies a story, and the Foku Lounge Chair is no exception....

    KAMODO - Chair


    The 101 Copenhagen Kamodo Chair: A Blend of Japanese Tradition and Modern Aesthetics Drawing inspiration from ancient Japanese culture, the Kamodo Chair by 101 Copenhagen is a beautiful fusion of...

    TOE - Lounge Chair

    €1.495,00 €2.695,00

    The 101 Copenhagen Toe Lounge Chair: A Nostalgic Journey to Futuristic Comfort Steeped in the allure of the 1970s futuristic design and the space age era, 101 Copenhagen presents the...

    TRIBU - Lounge Chair


    The 101 Copenhagen Tribu Lounge Chair: Embracing Tribal Heritage with Modern-Day Luxury In the heart of the 101 Copenhagen's TRIBU Collection emerges the Tribu Lounge Chair, a marvel of design...

    YAM - Lounge Chair

    €1.965,00 €2.260,00

    Northern's Yam Lounge Chair: Ottoman-Inspired Elegance Embracing the allure of traditional Ottoman stools, Northern presents the Yam Lounge Chair - a harmonious blend of time-honored inspiration and contemporary finesse. This...

    OBLONG - Lounge Chair


    The Oblong Lounge Chair by Northern: A Symphony of Comfort and Contemporary Art Step into the world of sophisticated relaxation with the Oblong Lounge Chair by Northern. This design marvel...

    OAKI - Lounge Chair

    €1.475,00 €1.770,00

    The Oaki Lounge Chair by Northern: Where Nordic Craftsmanship Embraces Japanese Elegance Discover the Oaki Lounge Chair by Northern, a harmonious marriage of Nordic precision and Japanese artistry. Drawing inspiration...

    LILY - Armchair

    €2.250,00 €4.415,00

    The Lily Armchair by Färg & Blanche from Petite Friture: Unleash Your Creativity with Organic Elegance and Comfort Inspired by the organic shapes close to the hearts of Franco-Swedish designer...

    HOFF MEDIUM - Armchair


    The Hoff Armchair by Petite Friture: A Symphony of Visual Elegance and Textural Charm Immerse yourself in the world of design with the Hoff Armchair, a distinctive and artistic creation...

    HOFF LARGE - Armchair


    The Hoff Armchair by Petite Friture: A Symphony of Visual Elegance and Textural Charm Immerse yourself in the world of design with the Hoff Armchair, a distinctive and artistic creation...

    GRID - Armchair


    Presenting the Grid Armchair by Petite Friture: Redefining Versatility and Comfort In 2015, the design studio Pool conceived the Grid Armchair for Petite Friture, in tribute to the Bauhaus style...

    WEEK-END - Armchair


    Experience the Elegance of the Week-End Armchair from Petite Friture Born from a collaboration with the BrichetZiegler studio in 2017, the Week-End collection is a comprehensive range of garden furniture,...

    FROMME - Lounge Chair


    Experience the Fusion of Comfort and Innovation with the Fromme Lounge Chair by Petite Friture Immerse yourself in the unique blend of ergonomic design and innovative style with the Fromme...

    About Arm Chairs and Lounge chairs

    When it comes to creating spaces that reflect personality and offer comfort, our arm and lounge chairs collection stands out. Meticulously curated from prestigious design labels, each piece narrates a tale of comfort meeting style. Whether you're striving for a minimalist zen corner or a vibrant seating area, our collection enables your vision. Browse our selection and witness the transformation our arm and lounge chairs bring to your space, elevating the everyday into extraordinary. Experience the harmony of design and comfort with our distinguished arm and lounge chairs collection.

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