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Organize Elegantly with Our Artful Baskets and Storage Solutions

Baskets and storage solutions are essential elements of any well-kept space, offering practicality while enhancing the overall aesthetic. Our diverse collection, encompassing laundry baskets, storage baskets, boxes & jars, hooks & hangers, waste baskets & bins, offers a range of stylish solutions for maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment. With options from minimalistic to ornate, there's a design for every taste and setting.

Beyond their utility, these pieces contribute significantly to your decor. Whether it's a woven basket hiding away laundry, a glass jar showcasing curios, or a stylish bin managing waste, our collection helps you maintain order while infusing your space with a subtle charm. Venture beyond the typical and let our unique storage solutions enrich your home with a blend of functionality and style.


    WALLIE - Wall Drawer

    €190,00 €200,00

    WOUD Wallie Wall Drawer: Where Elegance Meets Utility The WOUD Wallie Wall Drawer fuses the rich tones of bent walnut with the stark robustness of solid black metal, presenting an...

    ILLUSION - Hanger


    The WOUD Illusion Hanger: A Dance of Angles and Shadows The WOUD Illusion Hanger is not just a utilitarian object, but a playful piece of art. Designed to challenge perceptions,...

    HAAK - Coat Hook


    WOUD Haak Coat Hook: Simplicity Meets Function The Haak Coat Hook, with its unobtrusive elegance, is a testament to the beauty that lies in simplicity. Combining the durability of metal...

    BUBBLE - Coat Hook

    €65,00 €85,00

    Brighten Your Spaces with the Enchanting Bubble Coat Hook by Petite Friture Experience the enchanting allure of the Bubble Coat Hook, an exquisite creation by Petite Friture. Crafted from hand-blown...

    TÖJBOX - Wardrobe

    €825,00 €945,00

    WOUD Töjbox Wardrobe: A Blend of Functionality and Elegance Step into the world of refined simplicity with the WOUD Töjbox Wardrobe. Crafted diligently from oak, the Töjbox is a harmonious...

    O&O - Clothes Rack

    €245,00 €375,00

    WOUD O&O Clothes Rack: Artful Flexibility in Design The WOUD O&O Clothes Rack finds its muse in the harmonious interplay of two uniquely shaped O-rings, bringing an element of surprise...

    ELEVATE - 2-Door Cabinet


    WOUD Elevate Shelving System: Versatility Elevated The WOUD Elevate Shelving System emerges as an epitome of flexibility and aesthetic brilliance. Tailored to champion modularity, Elevate offers a canvas of boundless...

    HOOP - Rack


    WOUD Hoop Rack: Ingenious Versatility in Design The WOUD Hoop Rack is born out of the simple joy and playful spirit of a garden game. Designer Jeanette Holdgaard, inspired by...

    KNAEGT - Coat Rack


    WOUD Knaegt Coat Rack: A Symphony of Wood and Leather Embodying both function and fashion, the WOUD Knaegt Coat Rack is a unique blend of a coat rack and hat...

    INPUT - Organiser


    WOUD Input Organiser: Tailored Tidiness for Any Space The WOUD Input Organiser is a testament to the adaptability and personalization of modern design. It comes equipped with eight movable boxes,...

    EILEEN - Coat Hook


    WOUD Eileen Hook: A Tribute in Silhouette WOUD's Eileen Hook is more than a mere point of convenience; it is an artistic expression that plays with the human eye through...

    AROUND - Coat Hook

    €30,00 €45,00

    WOUD Around Wall Hanger: Artful Utility The Around wall hangers by WOUD offer a unique combination of functional design and visual appeal. Crafted with an eye for both purpose and...

    TAIL WING - Coat Hook

    €70,00 €80,00

    WOUD Tail Wing Hook: Elevate Your Decor Infused with the aerodynamic elegance of aircraft tail fins, the WOUD Tail Wing hooks offer a functional yet playful addition to any space....

    STORIES - Tray


    Umage Stories Venetian Cane Trays: Elegance Meets Utility Elevate your Stories shelving system experience with the exquisite Stories Venetian Cane Trays. Intricately designed with a delicate balance of sophistication and functionality,...

    BLOOM - Tray

    €30,00 €195,00

    101 Copenhagen's Bloom Tray: A Nod to Nature with Modernist Flair Marrying the intricate artistry of floral designs with sculptural artistry, the Bloom Tray by 101 Copenhagen stands out as...

    DUCK - Plate

    €95,00 €195,00

    Duck Plate by 101 Copenhagen: Where Playfulness Meets Sophistication In the world of contemporary home decor, 101 Copenhagen's Duck Plate emerges as an embodiment of whimsy paired with sophistication. Drawing...

    DUCK - Tray

    €125,00 €265,00

    Duck Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Whimsical Fusion of Form and Function The minimalist trend has seen various adaptations, from stark simplicity to playful inclusions. The Duck Tray by 101...

    GETA - Tray


    Geta Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Nod to Tradition with a Contemporary Flair Japan has long been revered for its unique ability to merge time-honored tradition with modern aesthetics. The...

    MEDUSA - Tray

    €115,00 €195,00

    Medusa Tray by 101 Copenhagen: An Ode to the Ocean's Enigma Floating ethereally in the vast expanse of the sea, the jellyfish has always been a source of fascination and...

    OKA - Tray


    The Oka Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Nod to Tradition, Sculpted for the Contemporary Home Journeying through the corridors of time and tradition, 101 Copenhagen presents the Oka Tray, a...

    DUCK - Jar

    €20,00 €30,00

    101 Copenhagen's Duck Jar: A Charming Blend of Function and Whimsy Channeling the warmth and charm of delightful three-legged characters and benevolent creatures, 101 Copenhagen presents the Duck Jar. Part...

    SHINJU - Tray

    €105,00 €335,00

    The Shinju Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Pearl in the World of Design Capturing the allure of the ocean's most treasured gem, 101 Copenhagen introduces the Shinju Tray, a perfect...

    NOOK - Ladder Rack


    Northern's Nook Ladder Rack: A Fusion of Art and Utility for Every Space Modern spaces often yearn for versatile fixtures, and Northern's Nook Ladder Rack answers that call in the...

    NEST - Coat Hook


    Northern's Nest Wall Hook: A Seamless Blend of Function and Form for the Urban Dweller Nature has a unique way of inspiring brilliant design. Northern's Nest Wall Hook is a...

    FRAME - Wall Rack


    Northern's Frame Wall Rack: Architectural Ingenuity Meets Artistic Flair Northern unveils the Frame Wall Rack, an embodiment of creative genius that marries architectural precision with artistic vision. At first glance,...

    About Baskets & Storage

    Our baskets and storage collection brings a refreshing blend of utility and design sophistication. Chosen from notable designers, each piece contributes to creating a clean, organized, and stylish space. Whether your goal is to create a clutter-free living area, a tidy workspace, or a well-arranged bathroom, our collection caters to your needs. Engage with our range and discover how our innovative storage solutions can elevate your interior aesthetics while ensuring practicality. Enjoy the harmony of style and function with our thoughtfully selected baskets and storage solutions.

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