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Woud -  Carrying the Scandinavian tradition into a new era 

As a Danish design company, Woud holds true to their vision of creating unique pieces. While they maintain the foundation of Nordic design, they consistently strive to elevate their work through innovative form, functionality, and material choices. According to Woud, timeless design has the power to evoke emotions, spark inspiration, and beautify homes by showcasing individual personality.
Mia and Torben Koed, the founders of Woud, utilized their three decades of experience to embark on a new project. They felt a desire for change and a new challenge, which led them to build an ambitious design brand from the ground up. They emphasized using high-quality materials and paying close attention to the finer details. The WOUD collection was founded on the principle of innovation and pushing boundaries, rather than relying on nostalgia. The brand is passionate about exploring and developing new ideas in terms of form, function, and material choice, reflecting their love for authentic design.
Luminesy offers all Woud products (including furniture) - in case you do not find what you are looking for, contact us!

    HAAK - Coat Hook


    WOUD Haak Coat Hook: Simplicity Meets Function The Haak Coat Hook, with its unobtrusive elegance, is a testament to the beauty that lies in simplicity. Combining the durability of metal...

    ILLUSION - Hanger


    The WOUD Illusion Hanger: A Dance of Angles and Shadows The WOUD Illusion Hanger is not just a utilitarian object, but a playful piece of art. Designed to challenge perceptions,...

    DOUBLE - Throw


    The WOUD Double Throw: Wrapped in Nordic Warmth Imbued with the spirit of Scandinavian design, the WOUD Double Throw is a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and functionality....

    WALLIE - Wall Drawer

    €190,00 €200,00

    WOUD Wallie Wall Drawer: Where Elegance Meets Utility The WOUD Wallie Wall Drawer fuses the rich tones of bent walnut with the stark robustness of solid black metal, presenting an...

    SOROUND - Coffee Table

    €375,00 €625,00

    The Soround Coffee Table by Woud: Timeless Simplicity Amplified Elegance, functionality, and adaptability intertwine in the Soround Coffee Table by Woud. This modern reinterpretation of the quintessential coffee table seamlessly...

    ARC - Coffee Table

    €885,00 €1.485,00

    The Arc Coffee Table by Woud: A Mathematical Beauty in Design Delve into the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality with the Arc Coffee Table by Woud. Drawing inspiration from...

    ANNULAR LARGE - Pendant Light


    The Annular pendant is a modern interpretation of the classic cone pendant. It pairs two primary forms; a conical shade paired with a perfect ring of light at the perimeter....

    LU LARGE - Pendant Light

    €579,00 €510,00

    The LU pendant is all about two contrasting forms and their interaction with each other. The bold vertical element appears to float through a thin circular light source. The combination...

    LU SMALL - Pendant Light

    €379,00 €359,00

    The LU pendant is all about two contrasting forms and their interaction with each other. The bold vertical element appears to float through a thin circular light source. The combination...

    MIRROR BARB - Mirror


    The Woud Mirror Barb: Reflecting Beauty and Versatility The Woud Mirror Barb represents a blend of utility and elegance in a single form. Crafted from robust solid oak, this circular...


    €105,00 €175,00

    Nunu Elephant Decor: The Essence of Simplicity and Affection Embodied in solid oak, Nunu the elephant is a minimalist sculpture that channels the essence of the gentle giant. With a...


    €70,00 €150,00

    Hibo Hippopotamus Decor: A Heartwarming Oak Sculpture Hibo the hippopotamus is a captivating oak sculpture that simplifies the robustness of hippos into a charming and affectionate form. Its deep black...


    €70,00 €150,00

    Rina Rhinoceros Decor: A Playful Twist on Wildlife Sculptures Rina the rhinoceros, a delightful representation of wildlife, brings the charm of the animal kingdom into the home with its solid...

    PIDESTALL - Planter

    €70,00 €235,00

    WOUD Pidestall Planter: Cultivate Your Indoor Eden The Pidestall Planter invites you to infuse life into your living space with a touch of green. Crafted for those who appreciate the...

    TAIL WING - Coat Hook

    €70,00 €80,00

    WOUD Tail Wing Hook: Elevate Your Decor Infused with the aerodynamic elegance of aircraft tail fins, the WOUD Tail Wing hooks offer a functional yet playful addition to any space....

    AROUND - Coat Hook

    €30,00 €45,00

    WOUD Around Wall Hanger: Artful Utility The Around wall hangers by WOUD offer a unique combination of functional design and visual appeal. Crafted with an eye for both purpose and...

    EILEEN - Coat Hook


    WOUD Eileen Hook: A Tribute in Silhouette WOUD's Eileen Hook is more than a mere point of convenience; it is an artistic expression that plays with the human eye through...

    MOUNTAIN - Paperweight


    WOUD Magazine Paperweight: An Emblem of Stature Cast from the robust beauty of solid travertine, the WOUD Magazine Paperweight is an artistic homage to the enduring silhouette of mountainous terrains....

    MOUNTAIN - Magazine Holder


    WOUD Mountain Magazine Holder: A Summit for Your Reads The WOUD Mountain Magazine Holder stands as an ode to the majestic peaks of nature, crafted from the enduring elegance of...

    BOOKND - Bookend


    WOUD Booknd Bookends: Symmetry in Stone The WOUD Booknd Bookends are a paean to elegance and balance in bookshelf organization. Carved from smooth, luxurious marble, each set comprises a small...

    ARKIV - Bookend


    The WOUD Arkiv Bookend: A Monument to Literature Embrace the strength and beauty of architectural form with the WOUD Arkiv Bookend. Taking cues from the classical language of arches and...

    JEU DE DÉS - Candle Holder

    €55,00 €75,00

    The WOUD Jeu de dés Candle Holder: A Symphony of Shapes Infuse playfulness and sophistication into your decor with the WOUD Jeu de dés Candle Holders. Crafted to offer versatility...

    TACT - Rug

    €190,00 €980,00

    Tact Rug: Weaving Touch into Textiles Immerse your senses in the hand-woven comfort of the Tact Rug. Its signature design, punctuated with circular droplets, offers a unique tactile experience that...

    TINT - Rug

    €315,00 €1.485,00

    WOUD Tint Rug: A Spectrum of Serenity The WOUD Tint Rug brings a sensory experience to any room with its tightly tufted texture and a symphony of colours that shift...

    ROMBO - Rug

    €165,00 €530,00

    WOUD Rombo Rug: A Textural Harmony of Wool and Jute The WOUD Rombo Rug series, conceived by Studio MLR, is a testament to the harmonious interplay of natural materials. Combining...

    KYOTO - Rug

    €280,00 €1.640,00

    WOUD Kyoto Rug: A Zen-Inspired Textural Experience The WOUD Kyoto Rug transforms floors into a canvas of tranquility, mirroring the meditative qualities of Japanese Zen gardens. The hand-tufted wool rug...

    STONE - Pendant Light

    €165,00 €190,00

    WOUD Stone Pendant: Timeless Silhouettes Inspired by Nature Embracing the essence of coastal elegance, the WOUD Stone Pendant embodies the tranquility of beachside pebbles. This lighting piece is marked by...

    GAP - Pendant Light

    €175,00 €245,00

    WOUD Gap Pendant Light: A Luminary Contrast of Raw and Refined The WOUD Gap Pendant Light is an exploration of contrasts — a bold statement that plays with the interplay...

    GHOST - Pendant Light

    €260,00 €590,00

    WOUD Ghost Pendant Light: Ethereal Elegance in Glass The Ghost pendant light by WOUD is a testament to the ethereal beauty that lighting can bring to a space. Its sculptural...

    ANNULAR SMALL - Pendant Light


    WOUD Annular Small Pendant Light: Reinventing Illumination Merging minimalist design with forward-thinking technology, the WOUD Annular Small Pendant Light presents a new paradigm in lighting. This piece juxtaposes the simplicity...

    DOT - Pendant Light

    €235,00 €375,00

    WOUD Dot Pendant Light: A Dazzle of Light and Shadows The WOUD Dot Pendant Light is a piece that captures the enchanting interplay between light and shadow. Crafted with the...

    LUNAR - Pendant Light


    WOUD Lunar Pendant Light: Celestial Elegance in Design The WOUD Lunar Pendant Light is a celestial marvel in its own right, evoking the mesmerizing phases of the moon. It seamlessly...

    CONO - Pendant Light

    €540,00 €755,00

    WOUD Cono Pendant Light: Benny Frandsen's Classical Vision Reimagined The WOUD Cono Pendant Light celebrates the iconic work of Benny Frandsen, bringing classical geometry into the modern era with its...

    PUMP - Pendant Light


    WOUD Pump Pendant Light: Levity and Illumination Inspired by the buoyant grace of hot air balloons, the WOUD Pump Pendant Light is a representation of lightness and upward movement. The...

    CONO - Wall Light

    €305,00 €375,00

    WOUD Cono Wall Light: Benny Frandsen's Classical Vision Reimagined The WOUD Cono Wall Light celebrates the iconic work of Benny Frandsen, bringing classical geometry into the modern era with its...

    KUPPI - Wall Light


    WOUD Kuppi Wall Lamp: Elegance Through Simplicity and Function Embracing both simplicity and utility, the WOUD Kuppi Wall Lamp epitomizes Scandinavian design philosophy. 'Kuppi,' meaning 'cup' in Finnish, aptly describes...

    DEW - Table Lamp


    WOUD Dew Table Lamp: A Versatile Illumination Experience The WOUD Dew Table Lamp is a testament to versatility and modern functionality. Engineered to serve both as a table lamp and...

    STUDY - Table Lamp


    WOUD Study Table Lamp: Illuminate with Elegance and Simplicity The WOUD Study Table Lamp embodies the essence of functional charm, presenting a soft and direct illumination that's perfect for workspaces,...

    CONO - Table Lamp

    €330,00 €390,00

    WOUD Cono Table Lamp: Benny Frandsen's Classical Vision Reimagined The WOUD Cono Table Lamp celebrates the iconic work of Benny Frandsen, bringing classical geometry into the modern era with its...

    CONO - Floor Lamp

    €435,00 €575,00

    WOUD Cono Floor Lamp: Benny Frandsen's Classical Vision Reimagined The WOUD Cono Floor Lamp celebrates the iconic work of Benny Frandsen, bringing classical geometry into the modern era with its...

    About WOUD

    Woud is a brand that devoutly sticks to creating originals. Woud uses just the best quality materials and the craftsmanship that goes into the making their lights does not compromise anything. Their designs are timeless and not a single detail has been overlooked when making them.

    Woud's stunning furniture and home accessories serve as a response to the current culture of disposability of consumer goods. To ensure longevity, only premium materials are utilized in their creation. The classic and uncomplicated design is versatile enough to complement a variety of living styles.

    The company’s distinct mission is to give every product meaning. The collections by well-known designers such as Anne Holm, Sigrid Smetana and Leonard Aldenhoff are strikingly puristic in design and are well on their way to becoming classics of modern design.

    Woud's mission is simple. The brand creates timeless design with great attention to quality, simplicity and honesty. Designs that are made for you - and made for use.

    The brand's vision is clear. They want to share their love for honest design. They believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful spaces. With a broad and deep selection of scandinavian furniture and home accessories, Woud wants to bring modern design into the homes of people worldwide.

    The world outside our doors is complicated enough as it is. The home should be a place for comfort and well-being. Modern design can provide and create such feelings. Woud's take on simple expressions and functionalities in their range of furniture and accessories should make the home a little less complicated and a little more beautiful. They aim to keep it this way.

    Some of the brand's most popular designs include the Annular pendant lamp, which has become a lighting classic at this point.

    Another popular lamp is the LU range, available in black and beige finishes.

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