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Vesoi - A Visionary Fusion of Simplicity and Innovation

Born in the early eighties, Vesoi has consistently pushed the boundaries of illumination technology, creating lighting devices that have evolved into a unique language of expression. This Italian lighting pioneer blends interdisciplinary culture with a distinctive aesthetic that embraces simplicity and innovation.

Vesoi's offerings, from custom-designed projects to individual luminaires, exude a philosophy that celebrates the simplicity of design and the power of light to transform spaces. In the hands of Vesoi, lighting becomes a tool for architects and designers to create extraordinary environments.

Some of Vesoi's standout collections include the Elica, the Lente, and the Punto.

At Luminesy, we are proud to carry all Vesoi lighting products - if you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out!


WL130 - Ceiling / Wall Light


Vesoi WL130 Wall Light: Illumination Meets Elegance Introducing the Vesoi WL130 Wall Light, a luminaire that does more than simply brighten a space; it enhances it. Its structure, made from...

WL130 - Table Lamp


Vesoi WL130 Table Lamp: Elegance and Functionality Combined Illuminate your space with the Vesoi WL130 Table Lamp, an embodiment of elegant simplicity and functional lighting. The lamp's minimalistic design pairs...

VAN ABBE - Ceiling / Wall Light


Vesoi Van Abbe Wall / Ceiling Light: A Modern Touch of Refinement Experience the seamless blend of elegance and simplicity with the Vesoi Van Abbe Wall / Ceiling Light. As...

VAN ABBE - Pendant Light


Vesoi Van Abbe Pendant Light: Heightened Elegance in Suspension Introducing the Vesoi Van Abbe Pendant Light, an embodiment of modern functionality and timeless elegance. A height-adjustable luminaire, this pendant light...

UP&DOWN - Ceiling / Wall Light


Vesoi Up&Down Wall / Ceiling Light: Elegance in Minimalism Experience the charm of minimalism with the Vesoi Up&Down Wall / Ceiling Light. This multifunctional sconce, with its iron structure and...

U BRASS - Ceiling / Wall Light


Vesoi U Brass Wall / Ceiling Light: Industrial Elegance Reimagined Introducing the Vesoi U Brass Wall / Ceiling Light, a true embodiment of industrial elegance. Crafted from either steel or...

TRAVETTA - Pendant Light


Vesoi Travetta Pendant Light: Embrace Natural Elegance Step into a realm of natural elegance with the Vesoi Travetta Pendant Light. This pendant light, crafted from authentic wood, embodies an essential...

TRATTO - Wall Light


Vesoi Tratto Wall Light: Illumination that Transforms Spaces The Vesoi Tratto Wall Light is not just a source of illumination, but a transformative piece that adds character and depth to...

TRATTO - Pendant Light


Make a Statement with the Vesoi Tratto Pendant Light The Vesoi Tratto Pendant Light, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, makes a powerful statement in any room. This versatile pendant...

TIPERDUE - Ceiling / Wall Light


Elevate Your Interiors with the Vesoi Tiperdue Wall / Ceiling Light Introduce an element of creativity and character to your spaces with the Vesoi Tiperdue Wall / Ceiling Light. This...

TIPERDUE - Ceiling Light


Redefine Your Spaces with the Vesoi Tiperdue Ceiling Light Experience the combination of style and utility with the Vesoi Tiperdue Ceiling Light, an adjustable lighting fixture that effortlessly merges traditional...

T-FIVE - Pendant Light


Illuminate Your Space with Style: Vesoi T-Five Pendant Light Introducing the Vesoi T-Five Pendant Light, a marvel of modern lighting design that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Its adjustable height...

TEGOLINO - Pendant Light


Artistic Elegance: Vesoi Tegolino Pendant Light Introducing the Vesoi Tegolino Pendant Light, a contemporary festoon lighting solution that combines minimalist design with sophisticated technology. This artistic suspension lamp is perfect...

SUYMURI SISTEMA - Ceiling / Wall Light


Revolutionary Design: Vesoi Suymuri Sistema Wall / Ceiling Light Discover the Vesoi Suymuri Sistema Wall / Ceiling Light, a luminous geometry lighting solution that transforms your space with unmatched flexibility...

IDEASTUCCO - Ceiling Light


Timeless Elegance: Vesoi Ideastucco Ceiling Light Introducing the Vesoi Ideastucco Ceiling Light, a timeless plaster lighting solution that beautifully enhances any environment. This elegant ceiling luminaire features a white natural...

STRIPLIN - Ceiling / Wall Light


Versatile Elegance: Vesoi Striplin Wall / Ceiling Light Introducing the Vesoi Striplin Wall / Ceiling Light, a versatile and functional lighting solution that effortlessly combines elegance with simplicity. This unique...

STELO137 - Floor Lamp


Sleek Minimalism: Vesoi Stelo137 Floor Lamp Introducing the Vesoi Stelo137 Floor Lamp, a sleek and innovative lighting solution that combines a linear design with minimalistic charm. This modern LED floor...



Geometric Elegance: Vesoi Sottomultiplo Wall Light Discover the perfect blend of geometric design and versatile functionality with the Vesoi Sottomultiplo Wall Light. This unique lighting solution features a brass or...

SCARLED - Pendant Light


Illuminate with Style: Vesoi Scarled Pendant Light Experience the perfect fusion of contemporary design and technology with the Vesoi Scarled Pendant Light. This innovative lighting solution is inspired by classic...

SCAR - Pendant Light


Elevate Your Space: Vesoi Scar Pendant Light Introducing the Vesoi Scar Pendant Light, a modern classic that combines sophisticated style with efficient functionality. This pendant light is designed to enhance...

RIGA - Table Lamp


Illuminate Your Space: Vesoi Riga Table Lamp Experience the perfect blend of essential design and innovative functionality with the Vesoi Riga Table Lamp, a modern and elegant table light. This...

RIGA - Floor Lamp


Sleek Minimalism: Vesoi Riga Floor Lamp Introducing the Vesoi Riga Floor Lamp, a sleek and minimalist lighting solution that combines innovative design with essential functionality. Crafted with an aluminum structure...

PIC - Ceiling / Wall Light


Minimalist Elegance: Vesoi Pic Wall / Ceiling Light Discover the Vesoi Pic Wall / Ceiling Light, a minimalist and elegant lighting solution perfect for any contemporary space. Combining practicality and...

PANTONE - Pendant Light


Colorful Creativity: Vesoi Pantone Pendant Light Introducing the Vesoi Pantone Pendant Light, a customizable and adjustable suspension lamp that allows you to bring colorful creativity to any space. This versatile...

PALLATRE - Pendant Light


Stunning Versatility: Vesoi Pallatre Pendant Light Experience the perfect balance of modern elements with the Vesoi Pallatre Pendant Light, a versatile and elegant lighting solution that easily adapts to various...

PALLATRE - Floor Lamp


Elevate Your Space: Vesoi Pallatre Floor Lamp Introducing the Vesoi Pallatre Floor Lamp, a dynamic standing light that combines sculptural shapes and elegant design to transform any environment. With its...

PALLA - Ceiling / Wall Light


Simplistic Elegance: Vesoi Palla Wall / Ceiling Light Introducing the Vesoi Palla Wall / Ceiling Light, a timeless fixture that marries simplicity and functionality to create an iconic multifunctional lamp....

PALLA - Table Lamp


Minimalist Elegance: Vesoi Palla Table Lamp Introducing the beautifully simplistic Vesoi Palla Table Lamp, a functional and versatile table light for any room. With its sleek design and neutral colors,...

PALLA - Pendant Light


Timeless Elegance: Vesoi Palla Pendant Light Introducing the sophisticated Vesoi Palla Pendant Light, a versatile fixture that adds a touch of elegance to any interior. This suspension luminaire is adjustable...

NASH - Wall Light


Harmonious Illumination: Vesoi Nash Wall Light Embrace balanced lighting with the Vesoi Nash Wall Light, a versatile fixture that brings elegance to any space. Crafted from brass or aluminum, this...

NASH - Table Lamp


Elegant Balance: Vesoi Nash Table Lamp Embrace the harmony of the Vesoi Nash Table Lamp, a well rounded table lighting masterpiece inspired by the concept of balance. This brass or...

MUSEUM - Ceiling / Wall Light


Revolutionary Design: Vesoi Museum Wall / Ceiling Light Discover the innovative design of the Vesoi Museum Wall / Ceiling Light, a modern LED lighting solution that transforms the classic fluorescent...

MULTIPLO - Wall Light


Contemporary Elegance: Vesoi Multiplo Wall Light Embrace the beauty of geometric design with the Vesoi Multiplo Wall Light, a contemporary brass lighting fixture that enhances any space with its stylish...

MULTIPLO - Table Lamp


Sophisticated Illumination: Vesoi Multiplo Table Lamp Elevate your space with the elegant and versatile Vesoi Multiplo Table Lamp, a modern-classic lighting solution that combines geometric design and high-quality materials to...

MULTIPLO - Pendant Light


Timeless Elegance: Vesoi Multiplo Pendant Light Introducing the classic and versatile Vesoi Multiplo Pendant Light, a sophisticated blend of metallic accents and opal blown glass diffusers that create a warm...

MULTIPLO - Floor Lamp


Sleek and Versatile: Vesoi Multiplo Floor Lamp Introducing the stylish Vesoi Multiplo Floor Lamp, a perfect combination of elegance and versatility that will seamlessly complement any interior design. With its...

MULTIPLO - Ceiling Light


Innovative Design: The Vesoi Multiplo Ceiling Light Experience the geometric elegance of the Vesoi Multiplo Ceiling Light, a versatile lighting solution designed to elevate any space. The combination of natural...

MINI.MA - Wall Light


Sleek Sophistication: The Vesoi Mini.Ma Wall Light Embrace the modern elegance of the Vesoi Mini.Ma Wall Light, a versatile lighting solution designed to enhance any interior space. The refined linear...

MINI.MA - Pendant Light


Minimalist Elegance: The Vesoi Mini.Ma Pendant Light Introducing the Vesoi Mini.Ma Pendant Light, a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. This adjustable height pendant light adds a touch of elegance...

MI GIRO - Wall Light


Sleek Design Meets Function: The Vesoi Mi Giro Wall Light Enhance your space with the Vesoi Mi Giro Wall Light, a linear and innovative LED sconce that brings a touch...

About Vesoi

Italy, a country renowned for its design mastery and cutting-edge technology, is home to Vesoi, a brand that has continually stood at the forefront of lighting design since the 1980s. Founded on the principles of simplicity and innovation, Vesoi has been able to anticipate and shape contemporary taste through its transformative lighting solutions.

These "microarchitectures" of light, versatile and simple in configuration, represent Vesoi's approach to innovating the way we experience light and space. As a result, Vesoi's lighting transcends functionality, becoming a creative force that redefines the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Vesoi sees success as a catalyst for continuous growth and evolution, always striving to illuminate the future of design.

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