The lighting of a modern home: ideas and advice


Light makes a difference. For centuries light has regulated the existence of human beings who committed to their activities during the daylight hours of each season. As evening fell, they could only count on precarious candles or unsafe torches. Today, in the West, the lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces can also take on the task in a whim, with unsettling, sometimes tacky, sometimes surprising effects. Wondering how to choose the lighting in the house can cause slight despair due to all of the options available that tickle the imagination, narcissism, delight.

It is clear that we must mediate between creative flair and needs related to functionality, if we are choosing the lighting for an apartment or villa where we are going to live and spend a large portion of our time.

To be bright and harmonious, the house needs the right lighting. Good planning behind the arrangement of lamps and chandeliers is necessary to enhance the visual look of interiors, their furniture and to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Table lamps, suspension lamps and floor lamps guarantee impeccable and comfortable lighting of the modern or classic home: soft and restful points of light highlight with class a particular corner of the domestic space has a particular task, spreading refined and welcoming sparkling gleams.

In the article we try to discover all the most functional and captivating possibilities of lighting technology for domestic spaces. We enter the house and discover how spaces change with light.

We all remember when as children the fear of the dark held us back a little. Even as adults, the unvinviting shadows of evening and night make us think back to the ghosts we imagined in the early years of our life.


To be honest, the dark, the twilight make everyone feel insecure. When answering the question "how to choose lighting in the house?" it also takes into consideration the most immediate feelings that arise from the impact that lighting makes.


The furniture chosen for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms of our home takes on a different appearance depending on the type of lighting we choose for our spaces. The light that is projected on the walls and on the surfaces of the furniture determines the first impact that an interior has on the visitor. The sensation of well-being or discomfort that triggers depends precisely on the intensity of the lights, their arrangement, how and where they are placed.


Therefore, understanding how to choose lighting in our homes is an important task for anyone who is renovating or building their future home from scratch. Each room in the house requires adequate lighting for the activities for which that space is intended. A further determining factor is linked to the specific needs of those who live in the domestic space.


Generally, the distribution of light sources in the living room or kitchen or bedroom will follow different logics. In fact, the three rooms are designed to perform different functions. In the living area it is important that the light spreads evenly, without leaving shaded corners, which disturb the harmony of the whole.


Modern bedroom lighting, on the other hand, must guarantee a relaxed atmosphere on the one hand, and on the other hand be sufficient for morning preparation activities, for the choice of clothes and any poses in front of the mirror.


Let's explore some cases that require special considerations.


How to light up a house with exposed beams: an unusual case

A fundamental premise to consider when choosing the arrangement of light sources inside a home is the need to avoid annoying shaded areas, which can penalize the comfort of the space. In particular, the issue becomes pressing when it is necessary to answer the question "how to illuminate a house with exposed beams"?


Everyone loves the warm colors of the wood and the bare planks that follow the sloping roof. But in such cases, it is not possible to attach chandeliers to the ceiling. It takes a good project that correctly places lamps and spotlights on the walls together with floor lamps and table lamps. If you do not give up lighting from above, one option is offered by so-called profiles, structures made with processing the industrial area in which they are can be housed numerous spotlights. The spotlights can be anchored to the horizontal wooden planks that support the roof structure.

A perfectly suitable, simplistic light for this purpose is the MINI-PI 3 Ceiling Spotlight from Trizo21

Have you ever thought about creating eco-sustainable lighting systems? It could be a good idea to give light to your home with a touch of personality, while also safeguarding the environment.

See our sustainable lighting collection for ideas.


Lighting your home without pendant lamps: possibilities and suggestions

If spotlights do not satisfy our taste because they somehow disfigure the visual area of ​​a beautiful ceiling with exposed beams or made in a particular and valuable way, we must ask ourselves how to illuminate the house without pendant lamps or products that need to be anchored to the ceiling.

A good choice for creating modern lighting are subtle wall mounted lights that are easily installed, are functional and do not clutter visually. Wall lights are an alternative that allows you to obtain adequate lighting. At the same time, these are objects that help personalize the home environment. A perfect example is the APP 1.0 from Panzeri, pictured below.

Another situation in which it is not possible to insert light sources into the ceiling structure occurs when the vault of an apartment is very high, as happens for example in lofts. In this case, to illuminate the house without suspended chandeliers, you must choose wall lamps that should be applied at approximately the height of a person.

A further essential tool to give light to a loft are floor lamps, floor lamps, which emit soft light or can be adjusted to direct the light beam in a specific area.

Not to be underestimated are table lamps, ideal for furnishing and making the living room functional. In fact, they can be placed on the low table next to the sofa. They are perfect for reading in the evening in total tranquillity or to give the right atmosphere to an evening spent chatting with friends and family.

Home light points: lighting in a modern or classic home

Functional and beautiful, lights for the home play a fundamental role in creating pleasant and charming atmospheres. When evening falls, especially during the winter period, it is necessary to have the right lighting in a modern house as well as in an interior furnished in a classic style. A good light welcomes every visitor in a comfortable space, where it is possible to carry out all the necessary activities with ease and ease.

This is why every lighting project must take into account the needs of those who live in the rooms of the house. The architect evaluates the needs to be fulfilled through the different types of interior lamps. Thus it becomes possible to prefer a more subdued brightness to create delicate and soft settings, through the romantic lines of an abat-jour or the enveloping brightness of a table lamp, which directs the light beam only at a certain point.

The rooms touched by the gentle and beneficial light create an oasis of peace in the house, a pleasant space to enjoy moments of pure relaxation. Discreet and well-designed lamps give the privilege of spending hours of afternoon leisure on the sofa, of receiving unexpected guests, putting them at ease in a refined and chic context.

The innovatively designed lamps currently on the market offer a comfortable brightness levels that can be adjusted thanks to a dimmer, that is an electronic adjustment tool, which increases or decreases the light intensity, according to your needs. A floor lamp with dimmer in the living room, placed next to an armchair, allows you to read a good book, when you increase the intensity of the light beam or let you doze undisturbed, with the pampering of the soft and enveloping light.


It's possible to also install a series of small lights that can be switched on one by one to obtain the right brightness: these single bright points are truly splendid, they become the real protagonists of the space and respond to the need for comfort and brightness in the home. It is also possible to apply them in the kitchen, perhaps to discreetly illuminate the peninsula and create a set of strong visual impact. Ideal for this is a simple spotlight, such as the SPOTON 1 from Antidark


How to illuminate your home with LEDs: beautiful and functional spotlights

LED lighting for home interiors is an excellent choice for those who want to integrate the light of chandeliers and ceiling lights. The result thus obtained is distinguished by a more intense brightness, suitable for environments where external light does not reach easily. These small light-emitting diodes are powerful and brightly illuminate spaces. In addition to giving great brightness to the rooms, modern home lighting with LEDs also reduces the consumption of electricity and is therefore more ecological than traditional technologies.

The LEDs are also perfect for the bedrooms of children and teenagers, who prefer to have more light to feel safe and play and study easily. In particular, the desk where young and old students spend hours reading and writing must be adequately lit with table lamps with LED lights.

Home lighting with LEDs is characterized by efficiency and functionality because it is an inexpensive, ecological and high-performance technology. At the same time it is easily combined with innovative design solutions, which are combined with apartments and villas furnished with a modern or minimal style, and instead create an interesting contrast in the interiors with retro and classic shapes.

Home lighting ideas with LED lights and contemporary furniture

The goal of home lighting with LEDs is to create harmony. The lights of an apartment, a loft or a villa reflect the tastes of the hosts and create an environment in which to feel at ease. There are no discordant tones, but only lights and shadows that highlight the elegance of the furniture, their more or less slender lines and the volumes carefully designed to respond to needs and desires.

If the living room furniture is in a contemporary style, lamps with square, essential and precious lines are the ideal objects to illuminate the space in an effective and pleasant way. The contemporary LED suspension lamps, built with precious and innovative materials, diffuse a uniform and intense brightness. In addition, they give a revolutionary touch to the environment with their avant-garde design. Many lighting products catch everyone's attention by offering a captivating sheen that coordinates perfectly with the most sought-after furniture.


Modern home lighting ideas - illuminate your space

Changing the atmosphere of your home is possible: just introduce a light source into the domestic space that gives spectacular and very decorative light cuts. To create welcoming and stylish rooms, you need lighting fixtures that make every corner beautiful and illuminate in a functional way.


When the brightness of a chandelier is not enough, additional light points must be added to the environment. Floor lamps respond satisfactorily to the need for localized and not too strong lighting. At the same time they are objects with a defined design, which can personalize the style of a room in the house. Let's see how to place them in the different rooms of the house.

Illuminating the living room of a modern house with floor lamps

In the living room the floor lamps, the essential and discreet floor lamps are also not bulky, perfect for bringing light everywhere. In fact, they have a thin and solid star structure that supports a metal or propylene lampshade, depending on the style of the object.

Behind the sofa, the floor lamp guarantees hours of bright relaxation at home. The mere presence of this luminaire changes the appearance of the room, occupying an empty corner that was otherwise too dark.

In the living room, a floor lamp can illuminate a painting or a sculpture that would otherwise remain in the dim light. Some models of floor lamps have the possibility of being adjusted so that the light beam is directed in a specific area of ​​the room space. The seat of the bulb or led can also be rotated 360 °. Thus it is possible to obtain suggestive effects in which the light blends with the artifacts that decorate the walls and corners of the living area of ​​the house.

A perfect slim light for the living room is the SALAMANCA from It's about Romi

In an apartment or villa furnished with a style that recalls the younger and more informal taste, where elements of the Nordic design tradition prevail, very popular in recent years, the floor lamps can be combined with their table "cousins" . For example, interiors furnished according to Norwegian standards are characterized by a powerful light because they have to counterbalance the many hours of darkness in the Scandinavian regions. Therefore, numerous light sources create particular light effects that can be exploited according to your specific needs.


Modern chandeliers for the living room, kitchen and bedroom: essential or redundant?

What's better than a beautiful living room chandelier? It is an object that has a very special charm that refers a little to a tradition of furniture that celebrates the most classic lines. Often a single chandelier in the hall of an apartment or house is not enough. In fact, both the table space and the one where the sofa is located must be correctly illuminated.


The modern chandeliers for the living room reinterpret the classic lines of the past according to the current stylistic canons that prefer the essentiality of lines and shapes. The famous motto of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe echoes in many models suitable for overhanging soft upholstered sofas. «Less is more» seems to be the substance of the structures reduced to the bone, in which the housing of bulbs and spotlights stands out, which seem to offer light as if by magic.


If on the one hand, among modern chandeliers for the living room, pure and clear geometries are furious, on the other there are numerous models that instead offer a more naturalistic taste, with the representation of objects of nature, such as flowers, leaves, branches and plants.

A lamp that does this perfectly is the Screen XL from Market Set, it immitates leaves of a tree surounding the light source, creating a show of shadows and light.


Illuminating the kitchen of a modern home

The organization of space in today's homes tends to include a single living area. The kitchen is therefore integrated with the living room area and does not constitute a separate room. In any case, however, the lighting of the space of the house dedicated to the preparation of the dishes is an important aspect. In fact, the right light on the shelves that accommodate cutting boards, bowls and saucers during the culinary operations guarantees maximum functionality.

The kitchen is the most used space in everyday life. Pendant lights are a good choice for getting adequate brightness. Splendid colored glass chandeliers, with a simple and minimalist design, as well as emanating very decorative rays of light, give character to the environment with their particular coloring.

Now light, now bright shades of color enchant with their gentle contrast. The pendant lamps in smoked glass reproduce a timeless style in a contemporary key. The lighting of the ultra-modern home is fundamental in the kitchen, which exploits the efficiency and brightness of the spotlights. It fits perfectly with the high-tech style, which prefers clean and metallic shapes to obtain contemporary suggestions with an unscrupulous charm.

Home lighting ideas: bedroom interior design

The most intimate space of the house is represented by the bedroom, the room intended to guarantee a good rest, which offers moments of comfort and well-being. Here the lighting of sophisticated and functional interior design must guarantee the right light at any time of the day.

If the furnishing style follows the contemporary taste, it is possible to replace the classic lampshades with splendid appliques fixed to the wall. The effect is truly surprising and we can reserve lampshades for corners of the house where we want the more classic style to prevail. Choosing the right bedroom interior design lighting requires good taste, the search for maximum elegance and attention to detail.


Illuminating the outdoor spaces of a modern home

Even the lighting of the outdoor spaces of the modern house has to be taken into consideration to enhance the environment. The veranda, in fact, is an area of ​​the house that is widely used especially in summer: to enjoy the evening coolness in total comfort and create a corner of paradise full of relaxation, it is necessary to use special outdoor lamps, with a warm light that can be oriented to pleasure. It will be a pleasure to turn it on to spend a special evening outdoors or to enjoy relaxing moments alone, illuminated by a soft and welcoming light.

The LUNE Wall Light from Estiluz mounts on any wall, outdoors or indoors, but looks especially good outdoors.