Do you want to inject a little bit of boho magic into your home décor? If so, then this is the blog post for you! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the key features of boho chic style and showing you how to achieve an effortless look in your own home. So whether you’re looking to add a touch of gypsy glamour or simply want to update your existing décor, keep reading for our top 7 lighting picks on achieving the perfect boho aesthetic.

Origins of the Boho Style

The term "Bohemian" applies to people who live an unconventional lifestyle, often with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. The original "Bohemians" were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French Bohémien, meaning "Romani").

Bohemian style has come to represent the unconventional, and artistic approach to design with a focus on raw, organic materials, global-inspired patterns and prints, and imperfect, handmade objects.

Bohemian style is often mistaken for being "cluttered" or "messy", but the truth is, achieving the perfect boho chic look is all about creating a space that reflects your own personal style and expresses your creativity. So if you’re drawn to colorful, eclectic décor and have a passion for art and design, then boho chic is the perfect style for you.


1 - Market Set Screen

The Screen series pendants from Market Set is the perfect Bohemian lighting option for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their space. This Boho pendant is composed of a thin metal structure supporting 10 screens of various sizes. These screens – available in white Murano paper, caning, or black caning – will allow softening of the emitted light to avoid glare. The result is a cozy lighting effect with a very aesthetic play of light and shadow.

2 - Globen Tropez

If you are looking for something more subtle, another customer favorite is the Globen Tropez. Because of the material and its shape, the pendant reminds us of a big beautiful floppy sun hat. Globen Tropez is handmade of Papier-maché, French for chewed paper (paper and glue). The paper is recycled and unbleached, with the top surface lacquered in black, which creates an exciting contrast. 

3 - Forestier Grass

This gorgeous pendant is heavily inspired by the colors and patterns of Bohemian textiles. Its designer, Jette Scheib, emphasizes that it is meant to express the peace that resides in the weaving process and the basket weavers' connection with the nature that surrounds them. Its lights with warm colored stripes evoke landscapes of cultivated fields.

4 - Good & Mojo Kalimantan

The Kalimantan collection from the dutch brand Good & Mojo is full of unique boho-style lamps. The Kalimantan skilfully combines natural material and contemporary design in a very on-trend ethnic chic spirit. This pendant has a two-tone finish - the geometric patterns highlighted by the black color add a graphic, modern dimension. Despite the affordability of their products, GOOD&MOJO is also a solidarity initiative, because 5% of the sale price of each light fixture purchased is donated to the WakaWaka Foundation to preserve the forests of the world.

5 - Market Set Marrakech XL

Another entry from the french brand Market Set, the Marrakech is a collection inspired by the North African people of Morocco. The lamp is made from 3 shades in washed linen and cylinders in bana and fringed raffia. It is available in Masalla Red, Curry Yellow or Khaki Green finishes, allowing to add color and texture to the interior space.

6 - Ay Illuminate Z1

Probably the most famous of all of our picks, the Ay illuminate Z1 is one of the first lamps that come to mind for many design professionals when discussing bohemian-style lighting. For this collection, the brand highlighted the Z1 pendant lamp's natural side with a variety of different materials, fabrics and textures, including hand-knitted sisal from Swaziland and beautiful cashmere sourced from Afghanistan.

7 - Schneid Studio Kaskad

As a cherry on top, the Kaskad lamp from Schneid Studio rounds up our list of our top Bohemian lamps. Schneid Kaskad's bold rounded shapes and vivid waves are referencing to the flowing water of a cascade and define the silhouette of the lamp. Hand casted of ceramic in three soft and earthy tones, the lamp shows off in a whole new light and elaborates a distinct visual feel.

Whether you’re drawn to the Bohemian chic style for its eclectic mix of décor or you simply appreciate the creativity and artistry that goes into each piece, there’s no doubt that this trend is here to stay. And with so many different ways to incorporate Bohemian lighting into your home, there’s no excuse not to give this style a try. So go ahead and add a little bit of Bohemian magic to your life – your home will thank you for it!

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