How to light up the bathroom: tips and style ideas

How to light up the bathroom? The lighting of the bathroom must be thought out and implemented with criteria to give your environment a functional and comfortable aspect, transforming it into a room where well-being is the main goal. Here are some of our tips and tricks to do a great job.


Bathroom lighting : it is a topic that may seem of little interest compared to the lighting of other areas of the house, but if you think about it you will agree with us that it is essential to create the right lighting in the bathroom. The reason is clear, a bathroom that is too bright or with too little light makes the environment very uncomfortable and un-usable on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how to illuminate the bathroom with style and to create the right atmosphere just for you.


Where to put the lights in the bathroom

How to light up a small bathroom

What are the most suitable lights to illuminate a small bathroom

How to light up a windowless bathroom

How to light up a long and narrow bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a well-lit house with a large bathroom with a large window that lets in natural light, you can dedicate yourself to the realization of lighting as an aid in the gray days of bad weather, or for the use of the bathroom in the evening and night. In any case, to satisfy every type of need, experts recommend using lights at different levels, which can be managed independently. So yes to spotlights, wall lights, suspended lamps, etc.


Let's find out how to illuminate the bathroom with the best solutions on the market. Over the years, the lighting of the space dedicated to well-being, and to the most intimate moments, has also taken on fundamental importance, as a reference point for home relaxation.


Throughout the house, light is an essential component, but bathroom lighting should not be underestimated because it is often in this room that you stop to find a moment of attention for yourself, pampered by an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere. capable of restoring body and spirit. Inside the bathroom you can use different types of lighting accessories, let's find out which ones below.


Where to put lights in the bathroom


First let's see where to put the lights in the bathroom. The areas to be illuminated the most are those near the mirrors, certainly the sink area and the part above the shower or near the bathtub.

In these places the light points should be dimmable, i.e. we should be able to adjust the intensity of the lighting as needed, so as not to create shadow areas when putting on make-up, shaving and need to see each other. very clearly. But at the same time create a relaxing atmosphere if, for example, you want to take a bath in a bathtub, whether it is sunken or freestanding.

A wall mounted, SPA-esque space saving lamp such as the HILLOW LINE from Panzeri is a versatile option for bathrooms of all sizes.

Panzeri Hilow Line LED Wall Light

How to light up a small bathroom

Let's now see how to design the lighting in the small bathroom. There are two light points to start from: one for general lighting and one focused around the mirror. Suspension chandeliers are not very suitable, as they are too bulky and also not very harmonious from the point of view of the proportions of the room.


Better to use ceiling lights or wall lights and avoid spotlights on tracks, just as it is better to prefer shielded or reflected solutions on the ceiling, especially if low. It is also not advisable to use a floor lamp or a floor lamp, unless you have a large bathroom, with a corner dedicated to relaxation.


How much light do you need to illuminate the 5 square meter bathroom? If we talk about the diffuse one, coming from the ceiling in the center of the bathroom, 900 lumens are calculated, you can go up to 1000 but not go below 750. For each square meter more or less, about 180 lumens must be added or removed.


What are the best lights to illuminate a small bathroom


The most suitable lights to illuminate a small bathroom are undoubtedly led lights. First because they consume little. Then, in addition to not getting hot, this type of lighting is not affected by humidity. Finally, white lights are preferred for everyday use, but they can be colored to create a particular atmosphere.


Furthermore, the LEDs can be mounted as recessed spotlights in the false ceiling, in the floor or along the base of the bathtub or shower cubicle, or at the top, next to the modern ceiling shower, for example, to create a real SPA effect.


Recessed LED spotlights

spotlight The built-in LED spotlights do not require maintenance and allow you to save on your electricity bill, making them an ideal solution for lighting the bathroom, whatever the type of furniture you choose. The LOLA Recessed from Panzeri is a adjustable recessed led spotlight, perfect for bathroom applications.

Panzeri Lola Recessed Spotlight



Mirror with built-in lights

A convenient design solution is the mirror with built-in lights. Among our mirror lights, perfect for bathroom lighting is the CIRC wall light by Estiluz, a simple, uncluttered design that does both of its functions well and can serve as the main light piece of your sink area.

Circ A 3706 Mirror Wall Light from Estiluz


Chandelier in the bathroom, choice of style

Using a chandelier in the bathroom is a stylish choice, not too comfortable but certainly impressive. The use of pendant lamps in the bathroom makes these environments very personalized, and the advantage is that you can give ample space to the imagination, especially if you need to furnish large bathrooms. So, for example, you can place different types of chandeliers in different areas of the bathroom.


Illuminating a windowless bathroom


The first thing to take into consideration when designing how to illuminate a windowless bathroom is the intensity of the light, which must be as natural as possible since the room has no windows. Obviously in the mirror and shower area it will be more intense and targeted, while near the tub it will be warmer and more homogeneous. A really nice idea is to arrange the starry effect LEDs on the ceiling to recreate a relaxing atmosphere. However, lamps and light bulbs must reflect the style of the bathroom.


Spotlights are the best solution to illuminate a windowless bathroom. Carefully placed in the various points of the ceiling or false ceiling, they will diffuse a homogeneous and natural light making the environment bright and welcoming. In the mirror area it is important to have a strong and focused light. Led bars or wall lights will work perfectly. You can also place other light points in the rest of the room, for example in the floor.


Design and functional solutions are, as mentioned above, the mirrors with incorporated lighting. They do not take up extra space and can only be used when needed, they are also useful for embellishing an old bathroom. The various pendant chandeliers in the center of the room must have a style suited to the rest of the environment.