According to some interviews, aspects such as the menu, the wine list, the temperature, the furniture, the colors, the atmosphere, the lighting, etc, etc… are considered almost as important as the quality of the dishes you eat.


During the design phase of a restaurant, or a regular place to eat, many variables must be taken into consideration and immediately you should have very clear ideas about the result that needs to be obtained. The LED lighting of the restaurant is an aspect that not only contributes to creating the desired atmosphere, and lowering the costs of the bill, but it offers us the possibility of embellishing and enhancing our environment by giving the place a style in perfect harmony with the type of customers it caters to.


We have chosen to talk about the 5 mistakes to avoid to illuminate your restaurant because they are situations that we often encounter.


Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid

Choosing led lighting according to your taste

Choosing the LED lighting for your restaurant simply following your tastes is wrong! There are numerous aspects to consider in the design phase, first of all the you need to address,

What kind of clientele will enter the restaurant?

What atmosphere do you aim to create?

Is the lighting we desire the same that will be able to soothe the customer and make him feel at ease?

There are many other questions that we could ask ourselves, it is essential to think and act in relation to the type of customer you want to satisfy.


If the restaurant is aimed primarily at couples, the style should be elegant, romantic, the lights must be dimmed, therefore dimmable. If the restaurant is aimed at a young target and expects a quick consumption of meals, a less warm and more energizing type of lighting can be considered. A trattoria or a farmhouse, with a much more rustic / country style, will have to recreate an atmosphere that takes us back to the past, using a soft and warm light.

Not considering the temperature and the color of the light

Once you have identified the right target, don't make a mistake when choosing the temperature of the light. As mentioned before, the temperature is a factor that must take into account and respect several factors:

The target audience

The environment (its materials and colors)

The style of the place

The atmosphere you want to create

Each restaurant tells its own style, romantic, modern, minimal, rustic, for each type of environment it is important to carefully select the color and the light temperature. From the trattoria that takes you back to the past to the place with a futuristic soul, the color of the temperature of the light communicates a little the character of the place.

A modern, artistic restaurant might opt for a lamp such as the SHOEMAKER M by Grok

Just as you choose the colors of the walls and the type of furniture, the light creates a specific personality to the places and enhances the characteristic features of that environment.

Among the most common mistakes to absolutely avoid:

Using a light that is too white or too cold that does not suit your style

Pointing the beams of light in the eyes of the customers annoying them

Not lighting tables and food properly

Illuminating corners of the room that are not very nice to see

Leaving dark corners

Using the wrong or aesthetically unsuitable lamps

Choosing colored lights that alter the color of the food (this was also mentioned in our article on business lighting, the right color of light for the right food is crucial)

Not considering the importance of outdoor lighting

Another mistake we often encounter is the tendency to underestimate the external lighting of the restaurant! You can often see restaurants that are well cared for and illuminated internally, while externally the lighting is so poor that at times they can hardly be identified as open!

A traditional, warm and welcoming light like the Ginger SE116 by Karman can add contrast and character to the outdoor spaces of your restaurant.

Of course, because you have to think that not all customers know your restaurant, not all customers book or search online, there is always a good chunk of customers who choose your restaurant because they notice it passing by.

Outdoor lighting is used to get noticed!

This is not an aspect to consider only if your restaurant has an outdoor area or a garden with tables, even for restaurants in the city or anywhere, this aspect is very important. Not designing a correct and sufficient outdoor LED lighting is a serious mistake as you could lose many customers who are looking for you!

The external illuminated sign must also be an integral part of your project and must be designed and positioned so as to be clearly visible and legible. Some restaurants also underestimate this aspect without considering that customers often observe the sign and name of the restaurant upon entering and if satisfied even and above all by leaving.

In short, lighting is part of your marketing!

Not taking into account the architecture and furniture of the environments

Remember that suggestive atmospheres are achievable only thanks to a fine curation of all the elements that involve the five senses: obviously taste and smell, also because we are talking about restaurants, hearing that translates into acoustics or music of the dining room, the touch that could be stimulated by the right temperature or by certain furnishing elements for the table, the design of the space and the lighting that are obviously appreciated thanks to the view.


A good lighting project must absolutely consider the surrounding environment so it is in harmony with the furniture and interior architecture. A very frequent mistake is when people design the interiors of an environment and choose the furniture without considering the lighting arrangement and the atmosphere you want to achieve. Lighting is winning when it enhances the space and is in turn enhanced by the context in which it is inserted, if the final result is an environment in which the two things are perfectly integrated and in harmony with each other, it means that you have studied and chosen well the your project!


Not considering customer comfort

A restaurant, like any other place, offers a service whose purpose is not simply to serve "good dishes", it is at the same time to give a positive and comfortable experience to its customers. A mistake that is often made is considering only the aesthetic or scenographic aspect and not consider the comfort of the customers.

We talk about customer comfort because it is essential that those who pay for a service exclusively for pleasure must be satisfied and comfortable almost like at home, while finding that little bit more.

Spending the evening in a room, in reality, numerous aspects are considered and evaluated, as mentioned above, the environment is able to transmit relaxation, energy, agitation or simply positivity. Often comfort also means knowing how to create the right atmosphere for every occasion, thanks to the versatility and dimmability of the modern lights it is now increasingly simple. Dimmable LED lamps for example can change the color temperature or vary their degree of intensity in order to create an intimate atmosphere at any time or suitable for the time of day.